I started “Between a Rock and a Cross” in 2017, as a creative outlet for me to write about my experiences as a Christian woman going through a separation and subsequent divorce, to share how relying on faith and God is helping and has helped me, and to share in my journey to grow a closer relationship with God and navigate my way through this uncertain world.  My hope was and is, that by sharing my experiences and my thoughts along with scriptural references and commentary that I may be helpful to someone else going through similar circumstances.  I hope this blog blesses you as much as it has blessed me to write and share it.  The main reason for the name “between a rock and a cross”, is because as a Christian, I want to be the best christian and person I can be, but as a human, I am flawed and this world pulls at me daily, trying to make me fail.

A little about me….I am a single mom of two young boys, who are my world.  The dissolution of my marriage was not expected, and unwanted.  Now, I am trying to rediscover my identity, learning to be a single working mom, and trying to navigate my way through life and towards a brighter future.

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