Christmas is a time of hopefulness, especially, for children hoping for goodies under the tree.   For Christians, there is also the hope we have in the gift of salvation given to us by the birth, death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus.  This is the perfect time of year to share that hope with others because many are hurting for different reasons and need hope, as well as patience and love.

In Luke 2: 21-35, we meet a faithful devout man named Simeon who had a hopeful patience that he would one day see the Messiah before his death based upon what the Holy Spirit had promised him. It was this strong faith and hopeful patience that allowed Simeon to realize whom the baby Jesus was when he was brought to the temple as a baby to be presented.  It is truly amazing, that in a temple on an ordinary day, where many children were probably being presented and other temple activities going on, that Simeon singled out Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus and foretold of the greatness that would be this baby, the Messiah.  Simeon showed only hope and faithfulness, praising God while holding the new baby Jesus, never doubting that this baby was the Messiah, the salvation of Israel and all nations.

I think a lot of times, especially around the holiday season, when patience runs thin, lines run long, traditions take over, some people forget what Christmas truly is about.  It is about HOPE.  Sometimes, we are so blinded by all of the things that this Holiday season has become about that we can’t see the hope as clearly as we should.  The hope of a virgin mother giving birth to the Messiah in a stable.  The hopeful patience of a wise, devout man like Simeon that he would see the Messiah before his death, and the HOPE that those who believe in God’s promises in Christ will be rewarded.    Hope is one of the greatest gifts we can give others – hope that God’s promises are true. This Christmas season, give hope, by showing love, patience, kindness and spreading God’s love to others.


Author: bewteeenarockandacross

I am a single Christian mom relying on God and his peace and timing to get me through life’s ups and downs.

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